We have been told and of course we believe it, that our staff is the best! They have even mentioned that they “Love their job”! As a whole we like to create a team atmosphere as we are a small business and value the hard work and commitment of each person employed with A & W Cleaning.

Dave started A & W Cleaning in 1989 by providing window cleaning to local restaurants and adding residential by word of mouth. He has literally worn all the hats in A & W Cleaning but now mostly drives the business meeting with potential & existing customers. When Dave isn’t plugged in he enjoys spending time with Tracy and their two dogs or checking out what the latest news is in the car world.

In the office you will find Tracy since 2010. And before that she had a small business in the beauty industry, I guess it just made sense to join the forces of Dave & Tracy as they have said “they balance each other out”. While family time is very dear to her heart she also loves riding her bike on the great trails of the northwest.

Chris is a dedicated route manager specializing in residential and commercial accounts and has been employed at A & W Cleaning since 2008, but his most prized attribute is he is a family man with another baby now recently added to his growing family.

Luke another route manager who has been with us since 2015, has enjoyed meeting and building his rapport with the customers. Luke has been known to say how much he enjoys his job and as a matter of fact he even got his wife Laura a job here. When Luke isn’t working to enhance your view, he also loves his hobby which is metal detecting, he helps people find their lost jewelry and items.

Laura is our most recent person to join the team but has already made an effective difference in the administration and camaraderie in the office. Yes, she is married to Luke, so we have a “Luke & Laura”, as some may remember from day time drama, but no drama here. Laura also loves to be with her young family and canning fresh veggies from her family’s garden.

Support Staff- A & W Cleaning is always looking for good people to hire as we depend on the support staff to assist the route managers in completing work in an efficient thorough manner.