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If you live anywhere in Spokane, WA, and are looking for a professional window cleaner, you have come to the right place. Washing windows yourself in your home or business may seem like a money saving solution, and yet very few people have the specialized knowledge or equipment to do the job properly. Home and business owners generally use paper towels and spray cleaners for window washing, which only redistributes the dirt rather than fully removing it. In addition, this places a static charge on the glass, which attracts additional dirt once the window is dry. That is why we are here!

A & W Window Cleaning is a professional cleaning service established in 1989, specializing in both residential and commercial window cleaning.

Our business window cleaning service includes the cleaning of exterior-facing windows for shops with standalone locations or within shopping malls, as well as any signs or awnings your business may have. Whether you own a store, a restaurant or any other commercial building, the first things your current and future customers will see is a shiny, clean window that perfectly showcases your merchandise and entices them to come in for a closer look.

Our residential window cleaning includes both interior and exterior cleaning, as well as a removal of excess dirt on windowsills and within the frames. We offer a regularly scheduled cleaning service based on your individual needs, and/or we can come in to clean your windows before a special occasion. Both you and your guests will be amazed at the difference a perfectly clean window makes to any room in your home!

At A & W Window Cleaning, we have the best team of professional window washers, all of whom are highly trained and experienced at cleaning windows with the utmost precision and efficiency. If you are looking for commercial window cleaning or residential window cleaning in Spokane, WA, please feel free to contact us by filling out out online contact form or by calling (509) 325-3717 for more information or a free estimate.

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