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Exterior Window Cleaning - A & W WINDOW CLEANINGAs a home or business owner in the Spokane or Coeur d’Alene areas, you know that cleaning exterior windows can range from difficult to nearly impossible. Exterior window cleaning in your home is difficult enough, what with climbing a ladder while carrying all of the necessary cleaning supplies, but imagine attempting to clean the exterior windows of a high-rise office building on your own! Luckily for you, a reliable yet affordable window washing company is only one call away.

At A & W Window Cleaning, we have been washing windows of both residential and commercial properties since 1989. We understand that your exterior windows are highly susceptible to the changing weather conditions, and thus they can become dirty very easily. That is why we can create a schedule to accommodate your own busy schedule yet ensure that your exterior windows are always at their optimal level of cleanliness and shine.

Our highly trained and experienced team of window washers are fully equipped to clean your exterior windows in an efficient and thorough manner, taking care of the outer frame, sill, awning and every other part, including the window itself. Our specialized power washing technique removes all the dirt and grime from your window, not leaving behind any water spots and simultaneously decreasing the frequency of your need for window cleaning.